The Kove Ambassador Program

Hailey Langland

At the age of 21 Hailey Langland is already well versed in the snowboard industry with attending the Olympic Games and winning X games medals. Hailey balances her life with snowboarding, surfing, and yoga in Oceanside CA.

guigo foggiatto

Born in Brazil and 10 years of living in Venice, California Guigo Foggiatto uses his upbringing in Yerba Mate culture and his creative experience of Los Angeles to act as the creative poster child for Kové. Living on a non-profit farm in Cardiff with Good Morning Studios releasing high end media and fine woodworking, Guigo embodies the essence of craft, community, and creation.

ishita Malaviya

India’s first professional Lady Slider Ishita Malaviya splits her time between Encinitas CA and _____ India inspiring surfers through activism and elegant style. Ishita is also known to start quite the Reggae dance party.
Tony Aversa

Spencer whiting

Gimbal God is part extreme athlete and creative genius. Spencer Whiting set aside his professional snowboard career to pursue his passion in filming. His experience hitting big jumps and smooth lines has revolutionized snowboard media with seamless cuts and cloudlike follow cams.

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